Favero - Full-Arm-01 Scoring Machine - Wall Version

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Full-Arm 01/Wall Favero FIE 3-weapon scoring machine with reel connecting cables and 12V transformer. Price includes updated T2005A timing chip.

FIE Scoring Machine Set - Full-Arm 01/Wall

Favero Wired Remote For FA-01Scoring Machine: W/3.5M Connection cable

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Favero Arm 15

Highlights, The Favero FULL-ARM-01 is a 3 Weapon Scoring machine suitable for Foil, Epee and Sabre., Its Lamps are formed from blocks of 20 LED's

Favero FULL-ARM-01 Recording machine

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Favero Scoring Box FULL-ARM-05/T - World Fencing Style

• Cultivable as desk or wall version. • FIE approved. • Control for 3 weapons. • two data-line sockets to connect. • high-efficiency LED’s. • Minimal


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