Travado DP Shallow Diving Fishing Lure | 4.00 Inch 5/8 Oz | Long Lipped Trolling Lure | (2) - Size 10 Treble Hooks | for Fishing Bass, Trout, Walleye

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SLENDER, LOW PROFILE DESIGN - Long Lipped Jerkbait SUSPENDING DIVING LURE - Optimal Depth 6-10 ft, Trolling depth 10-5 ft MULTIPLE BB INNER CHAMBER

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The Shallow Walleye Bandit trolls to 12 feet, making it a great lure for exploring shallow- to medium-depth flats. Its squared bill is very deflective. Measuring 4-3/4-inches in length and weighing in at 5/8 ounce, this slender trolling minnow is a favorite of walleye anglers around the world.

Bandit Walleye Shallow Red Head

Bandit Walleye Shallow White Blue/Orange Head

BANDIT LURES Walleye Shallow Minnow Jerkbait Fishing Lure, Fishing Accessories, Dives ro 12-feet Deep, Blue Shiner, 4.5 Inch, 5/8 Ounce, (BDTWBS101) : Sports & Outdoors

Optimal Size and Weight: At 6.5 inches and 3.5 ounces, this lure is perfectly balanced for long-distance casting, allowing you to reach prime fishing

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