West Coast Bait Wraps

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The Halco Skim Stick lure is a unique innovative designed lure for blue water anglers. It is a hybrid between stick bait and skittering popper. It imitates a long, narrow profiled baitfish fleeing on the surface from any hungry predators in the area. It is intended for casting and slow trolling techniques and features Halco's new clear polymer technology with internal holographics and scales.

Halco Skim Stick - Blue Angel

Ahi Shrimp Fly Lure Rig - The Ahi USA Shrimp Fly rig is two hook gangion rig that is a staple for bottom fishing on the West Coast. A perfect rig for rockfish and other bottom fish, the rig comes ready to fish out of the packaging. To use. simply tie your main line to the provided swivel and attach your desired weight to the snap swivel at the bottom. The rig includes 2 high quality hand tied shrimp flies rigged with a heavy duty snap swivel.

Ahi USA Cod Feather, Size 3/0

Westcoast Fishing Tackle

KastKing Fishing Lure Wraps,Four Pack,Medium,5.67x 3.38 Inches : Sports & Outdoors

FLORIDA Bait Fish Identification


, Ignite Baits products were developed and refined on the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) chain of lakes. Over the years Ignite has

Ignite Baits Hand Poured Frenzy Shad Swimbait Fringe Collaboration

West Coast Bait Wraps

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Jim Ferguson: When East Meets West

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C&H Billy Baits Master Hooker Lure features a blunt concave head. This lure is designed for smoke and turbulence trails and can be trolled with or without bait. The Master Hooker is precision machined to exacting tolerances. It includes Billy's special 360 degree turbulence ring. It features 3 machine drilled vent holes that will enhance the smoke trail and two external rattles that entice fish. Troll between 2 to 10 knots.

Billy Baits Master Hooker Lure - Pearl/Blue

The popular West Coast knife jig is available in multiple colors and sizes. Comes packaged without hooks. A 7/0 or 9/0 assist hook would be a great

West Coast Jiggerz KB

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