Yum Hellgrammite 3 Cleveland

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The YUM Hellgrammite induces strikes on a Ned jig from a wide range of shock and natural color patterns that mimic a live Hellgrammite. This larva of the Dobson fly is normally associated with creeks and rivers, yet Hellgrammites are a favorite of bass and trout everywhere for their stomach-filling size. The YUM Hellgrammite lure measures 3 inches long and does not float but stands up on a Ned jig head.

YUM Hellgrammite

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Yum Hellgrammite 3 Yum - Discover stylish and practical solutions

YUM Delivers Multi-Species Appeal with NEW Hellgrammite Lure

YUM Releases NEW Hellgrammite Soft Plastic

YUM HELLGRAMMITE is perfect for anglers looking to add a realistic design to their bait selection. Each bait imitates a live aquatic bug and features

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YUM Releases NEW Hellgrammite Soft Plastic!

YUM Hellgrammite

Nikko Hellgrammite -vs- Yum Hellgrammite