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The Magnum Ultra Vibe Speed Worm was designed to trigger the predatory instinct in bass, just like its little brother, but in a package thatll tempt the biggest bass on the lake. It combines the realistic look and action of a worm with the unique sound profile of the Ultra Vibe Tail for maximum water disturbance. You can buzz it on top, swim it below the surface or rig it Texas or Carolina style the tail will elicit strikes when others dont. Size: 7.

Zoom Speed Craw Green Pumpkin Purple

Zoom Magnum Ultravibe Speed Worm 7 8pk

Zoom Mag UV Speed Worm 7 (8 Pk)

The Zoom Magnum UV Speedworm features added bulk in the body and the unique Ultra Vibe paddle tail. It works great around vegetation with its larger

Zoom Magnum Ultravibe Speed Worm 7

Zoom Speed Craw Black Sapphire

With its compact shape and fast-paddling tails, the Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw is a jack of all trades and a master of many. Its great by itself, dragged slowly across the bottom or pitched into heavy cover, but you can also affix it to the back of a swim jig or a vibrating jig for the deadliest trailer ever. Size: 3.5.

Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw El Diablo

Zoom Magnum UV Speed Worm

Zoom Mag UV Speed Worm 7 (8 Pk)

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